2017 Investment Guide - Additional Products


In-studio - $50/Picture | On-location - $65/Picture

No Session Fee

What do you want your business headshot to say? I believe business people want an images that says, "confident and approachable." Isn't it time to get that updated picture that really reflects these attributes? Choose a Business Headshot session that will give your business card, website, or flyer an image that conveys who you are. For each picture ordered you will get a fully edited and retouched digital Color file, and a complementary B&W file of the same image (a $20 value). Pick your favorite images right after the session, and they will be available to you in just days. Some business professionals want more than just one picture, so pricing is now per picture - not per person. No-charge to add any number of people to a session (more than 20 people, call for a quote). Purchase a total of 6+ pictures and everyone in that session receives a 10% discount. Purchase 12+ pictures and everyone receives a 20% discount. On-location sessions require a minimum order of 5 pictures.


Starting at $90

Those old photos are worth more than money can buy to you. If they are wrinkled and worn, or discolored and faded, I can usually bring them pack to life. Let's take look at them and see if we can bring it back to the way you remember it.


Starting at $90

Amy had this gorgeous family portrait that she just loved. Unfortunately her son and daughter-in-law's marriage didn't work out. Her son asked her to take down the portrait because it made him sad. So, she asked if I could take his ex-wife out of the picture, and I did. She is now thrilled to have her favorite portrait back up on the wall...

The Note card

25 - 4x5.5 | $130

Duplicate sets 20% Off

Remember how you felt the last time you received a hand-written note. These personalized note cards with one of your favorite images will mean even more to your Pen Pal. They come with parchment envelopes printed with your name and address. Get ready to write a special note to a loved one...

Gift and Mounted Prints

Duplicate images 20% Off

Gift Prints are high quality photo-paper prints. Mounted Prints are the same high quality photo-paper prints that are mounted on 2mm Styrene making them virtually indestructible.


25 - 5x7 | $190

Duplicate sets 20% Off

There are usually only a special few that get Holiday Cards in the mail these days. Makes yours extra special with beautiful images of your family. Your special friends will simply love your card. They come with parchment envelopes printed with your name and address.

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