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2018 Product Guide

Family/Pet Session Fee:   In-studio | $90     On-location | $180

Family/Pet and Business Session Types

Let me help you pick the right session for your family and pet needs.

Heartfelt B&W Session

Celebrate family relationships

Our iconic brand has captured the hearts of so many. There are lots of people that can record a face, but for Heartfelt Family Portraiture we specialize in capturing connections between family members…

There is an intimacy to our Heartfelt portraits… a feeling of the connections among the people, among people and their pets, and they tell the story of a family…

Celebrate your family relationships in a fine art B&W piece that will touch your heart, and be passed on to future generations.

Charming Color Session

Spotlight on personalities

Focused less on the relationship, and looking to capture the personality. It is a bit more casual, with an emphasis on finding those quick moments that just happen, but so well reflect your personality.

In Charming Color Sessions we create investment worthy pieces of art that will look as stunning in your home twenty years from now as today.

Painting/Illustration Session

One-of-a-kind fine art pieces

Traditional Paintings and cutting edge Illustrations are one of a kind, hand-created images made specifically for you. The session is focused on capturing that one image that will be digitally manipulated or painted, printed, and may be further refined with hand-painted strokes directly on the canvas. Commission a piece the shows your unique style, and your discerning tastes. Based on the artistic effort involved these art pieces require an additional Creation Fee -- for Paintings starting at $900, and for Illustrations starting at $300.

Business Headshot


What do you want your business headshot to say? I believe business people want an images that says, "confident and approachable." Isn't it time to getthat updated picture that really reflects these attributes? Choose a Business Headshot session that will give your business card, website, or flyer an image that conveys who you are. For each picture ordered you will get a fully edited and retouched digital Color file, and a complementary B&W file of the same image (a $20 value). Pick your favorite images right after the session, and they will be availableto you in just days.


Here are some of our most popular products that I know you will love. Click the "Additional Products" button (in the black box below) to see Frames, Note Cards, Holiday cards and other services. Frames sold separately.

16x20 wall art starts at just $200

The Portraits and Treasures

These canvas wall portraits (in B&W or Color) are a family legacy, passing from generation to generation. Made with the finest quality materials, and destined to last with a longevity rating of 5+ generations. Your grandchildren will inherit these some day, and you know it will warm their hearts as they think of you.

The Wraps

Canvas wraps (in B&W or Color) celebrate the ones you love. You will glance at these luxurious prints and a smile will come to your face, reminding you of the important things in life. A little less formal way to decorate your home with cherished memories.

The Prints

You will love seeing your family portrait prominently displayed bringing to mind all those special moments with your loved ones. So fill that space in your home just begging to hold your memories. These professional lab photographic prints are stunning. They are mounted, have a Lustre Coating to eliminate the need for glass, and have a longevity rating of 1+ generations.


You laugh and tell stories as you page through the album with friends. It is so nice to have all the pictures in one 16-page wedding-quality album. So easy to bring out to share with others, or just to page through it by yourself. You just can't help but smile, thinking of all the memories captured inside.

The Showcase

The Lovin' Spoonful musical group asked, "Did you ever have to make up your mind?" At some point everyone is faced with a difficult choice, but that's not the case here. You don't have to pick your most favorite -- you can get them all! The Showcase has six of your favorite 9x9 photos nestled within a beautifully designed 12x12 presentation. It comes with a tabletop easel creating an elegant display that you will simply love showing visitors.

The Accordion

Simplicity is what makes The Accordion so powerful. It's so easy to slip 3x3 book into a purse and pull out to share with friends. Or just open it up and set it on your desk. You are going to want more than one of these little gems as gifts for those very important people in your life. You know they will love you for it...

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I'm a professional portrait photographer and artist working out of my home studio in West Bloomfield, MI. When you choose our amazing studio to capture a precious, timeless family moment, you can be assured that the art piece created will always reflect a timeless quality suited specifically to your family’s needs. I want to create something special that can be a source of joy to you and your family for years to come.